Eagle Mountain family alive because they wore their seatbelts

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - A family is thankful to be alive after a horrible roll-over car accident in Eagle Mountain last January.

The Turner family was out running errands one January morning, when a car came out of nowhere on State Route 73.

"I probably wouldn't be alive if I didn't have my seatbelt on because it was a really a bad accident," said McKenna Turner.

The car crashed head on with the Turner family causing the car to roll over.

"I remember the sound of the car crashing into us. From that point on I just, I felt like we were being thrown around like rag dolls," mother Krista Turner said.

"I felt like our car was flying through the air and I felt like it didn't stop rolling for a while," McKenna added.

The minivan was crushed and what helped the family of four get out alive was everyone wearing their seatbelts.

"There was nothing I could do other than to wait it out. Wait for the car to stop rolling. Once it finally did and I heard all 3 of the children screaming and crying, that was the best sound in the world," said the mother.

The family was honored in front of a packed gym at Mountain Trails Elementary by the "Utah Saved by the Belt" program, and McKenna had this advice for her class mates.

"[I] want to help them to know how important seatbelts are and that it saved our lives."

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