Cottonwood Heights police arrest stupid criminal after he crashes a bike carrying stolen guns

By Kimberly Nelson

Published 08/04 2014 08:02PM

Updated 08/05 2014 12:43PM

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - File this one under dumb criminal. A convicted felon is arrested in Cottonwood Heights Monday after he gets into an accident on a bike carrying what are believed to be stolen guns.

Around 2:30 Monday afternoon the man crashed his bike into this fence. Passersby saw the accident and called for help. When police arrived they of course found the guns, and then instead of taking the man to the hospital, they took him to jail.

Sgt. Corbett Ford told ABC 4 Utah, "He was riding his bike, just riding down the street, actually he was riding on the sidewalk off of Fort Union Boulevard and according to witnesses they saw him lose control and crash."

While police and Unified Fire crews were treating the man, who's now been identified as 58-year-old Kevin Henrie, they noticed the two rifles. Stolen or not, Henrie shouldn't have had the guns.

That’s because he's a convicted felon and it's illegal for him to be in possession of firearms. Once officers started asking about them Henrie reportedly got a case of amnesia.

"As soon as they start questioning him about that all the sudden he's never seen the bike before, those aren't his guns, that's not his bike he doesn't know what he's doing there,” said Sgt. Ford.

Because of the way he was acting police believe both the guns and the bike were stolen.

Sgt. Ford explained, "I can understand him saying ‘that's not my gun, those aren't my guns, I’ve never seen them before,’ and really deny that, but the bicycle if that was his bike why would he deny that that's his bike?"

Cody Banks lives nearby and when he saw police carry off the guns he thought something seriously bad had happened.

"Either someone got shot or being arrested or I don't know,” said Banks.

When he found out the real story he was relieved, and like police, was happy no one really got hurt.

Banks said, "But it's a good thing he got caught before he hurt someone with those rifles."

Sgt. Ford said, "You hate to see someone get hurt, but you're kind of glad the way it happened nobody else got hurt.

If you have recently been robbed of two rifles, and possibly a bike, you’re asked to contact Cottonwood Heights Police.

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