Community garden rule causes controversy

- CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A rule to plant one kind of seed in a Centerville community garden has some outraged and starting a social media protest.

Gardeners are encouraged to plant all kinds of veggies at the garden, but when it comes to planting corn the city has a special request. The request is for everyone to plant the same kind of corn seed to prevent cross pollination.

But when one of the gardeners planted another kind of seed, he received an email from a garden volunteer asking him to dig up his corn.

That outraged his daughter in New Mexico who took to social media. On her Facebook page she accused the city of only allowing only seed from a major company called Monsanto to be planted within its borders and even accused Monsanto of funneling money to Centerville.

ABC4 tried reaching out to the individual who was asked to remove his seeds as well as his daughter, but our efforts were unsuccessful.

Over the weekend hundreds of others joined in the frustration on social media and even started a "Centerville Corn Seed Protest”.

But the city wants all of the protesters to check their facts.

The Centerville assistant manager tells ABC4 there are rules in place, but only for the community garden.

“These are just loose rules for this community garden only, it's not city wide,” said Blaine Lotz. “One of those is the type of corn just because of possibly cross pollination.”

Lotz tells ABC4 the city has no relationship with Monsanto and said this is a case of wrong information spreading like wildfire.

“I just think it was misinformation that got spread second and third hand, it shows you the power of social media,” Lotz said.

But even if there is wrong information out there, the city is letting the gardener keep his seed, perhaps only after the campaign on social media.

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