Casino robber's high speed chase comes to a dead end in Herriman

HERRIMAN, UtahA robbery at Montego Bay in West Wendover leads to a high speed chase that ends with a crash at 13400 South and 7000 West in Herriman. The chase ended around 1a.m. and reached speeds up to 115 miles per hour. One suspect is in custody, but the other managed to get away.

"You don't usually see cars flying in the middle of the night so it was like watching fast in the furious in person,” said Karen Bateman who saw the entire chase end from her living room window.

Police arrested one of two thieves who robbed the Montego Bay in West Wendover and then led Utah Highway Patrol on a high speed chase down Bangerter Highway that eventually ended practically in Batemans front yard.

"I opened the blinds just to see the car from flying past and it hit some telephone poles that are over there at the dead end road and then went flying airborne up over the fence and into the field and about 25 cop cars followed,” said Bateman.

At that point law enforcement jumped out of their vehicles and arrested the driver - but his partner in crime had already got away after the driver blew through a red light near California Avenue and Bangerter Highway.

"From that time frame to the end of the pursuit somehow that second suspect got out of the vehicle, said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Corey Nye. However the driver is now behind bars in Toole County. "I’m just glad they cought the one that was here so he's not running around,” said Bateman.

UHP says all evidence in the vehicle has been taken by the State Bureau of Investigations.


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