Caring 4 Utah: Remains of unclaimed veterans given resting place they deserve

- CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah (Good 4 Utah) – There’s now a solution to a problem most of us don't think or even know about.

The cremated remains of hundreds of thousands of veterans are unclaimed by anyone, but today at Camp Williams, the Missing in America Project made a small dent in the problem.

"We locate, identify and inter the unclaimed remains of veterans," explained Roger Graves, the Utah coordinator for the Missing in America Project.

One by one, full military burial honors were performed for the remains of 11 unclaimed veterans, plus honors for 13 more who's remains are in other locations.

The project believes when men and women sign up to serve, our country makes a promise to them; A promise of well-deserved honors.

"One of the highest ones we can give them are their final honors when they're deceased,” said Graves. “These 11 finally got that today. It's personally a travesty to me that there are probably 300 thousand veterans out there that are still waiting for their honors."

Now 11 more have those honors.

Their final resting place at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Camp Williams.

"The fact that so many men and women who served with honor and distinction are literally being left unclaimed, it’s just devastating, it’s heartbreaking,” says Utah Senator Daniel Thatcher. “It’s heartbreaking that the government is not taking care of these men and women."

“These 11 veterans are at home and in a Veterans Cemetery where they belong," said Graves.

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