Bountiful Couple Gives Birth on the Side of the Road

- BOUNTIFUL, UTAH (ABC 4 News) - A Utah couple is now the proud parents of a baby boy born on the side of the road.

“It was crazy, it was scary,” said Heather Gines, mom.

The couple spoke to ABC 4 Sunday from their room at Lakeview Hospital.

Very early Saturday morning, Heather Gines, 38 weeks pregnant, awoke with contractions. “They progressively got and worse and within 10 minutes they became unbearable, from just a stomach ache to horrible,” she said.

She woke up her husband, Kayson, and the two jumped in their truck and headed to the hospital.

“She's on the front seat on her knees holding the back of the seat because that's where she was comfortable,” said Kayson.

“She's saying ‘I can feel him, I can feel him’,” he said. “I’m driving on the freeway, I reach over and I can feel the head.”

Kayson pulled over and called 911, but it was too late.

“Barely a push and he was here,” said Heather. “He just pulled him out and put him on my chest and we were both in shock.”

The baby was blue from the chord wrapped around his neck, but a father's instinct kicked in and Kayson quickly removed it, helping his new son breath. “It was more adrenaline than panic,” he said.

“Kayson did an awesome job,” said Heather. “We were just glad he was healthy.”

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