Black Friday shoppers already camping out

MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Before the moon set and the sun fully rose Tuesday, black Friday shoppers in Murray are already camping out. Derick Sanders and his two friends Xavi Maestes and Austin Novak say waiting in the cold weather for the items they want is worth every minute.
"Well last year people beat us here,so we came a little bit earlier this year to make sure we were first in line,” said Maestes.

So, this year Maestes, for his third black Friday in a row,came prepared with a game plan. "We have food, we have the new Xbox and the new Play Station out there. We have the generator to power it all up. We can’t just sit out here for a week with nothing, "said Maestes.

Since Sunday the friends have been first in line so they can get the items making it all worth the wait.

"I'm getting a T.V. for my parents," said Maestes. "I'm her to try and get an Xbox One and I want to get a camera for my mom," said Sanders.

Sanders and Maestes say by camping out they are going to save big time. Maestes says he will not only get the 65 inch TV for $1,000, but also save around $600. Plus the friends say it’s a good time. "It’s just a great time to hangout with buds," said Sanders.

Despite being called black Friday, Best Buy and many other stores are opening their doors as early as 6 o'clock Thanksgiving night.

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