Bankruptcy trustee postpones Gardner auction

- SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The bankruptcy auction of Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner's most valuable belongings is being postponed indefinitely.
Gardner had hundreds of items seized to satisfy a major creditor. Now he wants to buy back some of the stuff.
To sort things out, a bankruptcy trustee agreed to postpone the Oct. 27 sale at the Salt Lake City auction house Erkelens & Olson.
Gardner says his most treasured items are a pair of Olympic rings.
The 41-year-old Gardner owes a creditor $3 million. He disputes the debt, saying he was defrauded into co-signing a loan to develop a resort in Wyoming. Gardner says he lost $300,000 on the deal.
Gardner has recovered from disasters before. He's survived motorcycle and plane crashes and a snowmobile stranding that cost him a toe to frostbite.

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