A Utah company cleans house and kills germs

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) - The cold and flu season is in effect and nearly 20 people have been hospitalized from the flu in Salt Lake County alone.  For that reason, a Utah company called Sargent Steam has stepped in.

Joyce Mathie blew a stream of steam against a blackened oven. As the owner of Sargent Steam she told ABC4 Utah that steam cleaners not only promise sparkle and shine.  According to health experts, steam offers added benefits.

"Nothing cleans like steam, because steam is the only method on the planet that will both clean and sanitize at the same time," Mathie said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, super bugs that resist household cleaning chemicals infect at least 2 million Americans a year.  Hospitals are not exempt.

"The disinfectants they're using, the chemical ones take anywhere from eight to ten minutes to kill germs," Mathie said.  "Sargent Steam kills germs in two seconds."

The instant result could be good for your health.  Health experts believe steam sanitation is one of the reasons MRSA or staph infections have dropped by more than 50 percent since 2005. 

Here in Utah, the Huntsman Cancer Institute uses several Sargent Steam units to keep operations spic and span.

"Every day every inch of that OR is steamed, the walls ceiling, flooring, and furniture," Mathie said.

That may give patients piece of mind and hope for a clean bill of health.

"Huntsman's infections rate has gone close to zero," Mathie said.

There are several steam cleaners on the market right now.  Sargent Steam is the only device developed in Utah for home use.  For more information on how it works click here.  Sargent Steam is offering a 20 percent discount to customers on black Friday only. 

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