A candelight vigil to remember Emilie Parker

- OGDEN, Utah - (ABC 4 News) - The candles held by little fingers at a vigil to remember Utah's own little Emilie Parker shone bright Saturday night in Ogden. Little Graycee was just three months older than Emilie, and remembers playing house and hide and seek with her friend.

 "I would play with her," said Graycee.

April Cottle Remembers her niece as a helper.

"Emilie was such a wonderful little girl. She loved everybody. And to have this to happen to her is just heart breaking,"  said April through tears.

Family, friends, and even strangers came to mourn the little life lost.

 "We just broke down and thought not Emilie. Why Emilie?" explained April when hearing the news of her niece being gunned down.

And everyone at the vigil came to show support.

"Just his community doing these vigils and stuff is awesome and it helps us out as a family I think to go through the grieving process," said April.

"Her family was really special," said Holly WestBroek, a family friend.

Her uncle Michael shared memories of his happy niece.

"She loved life and was a sweet little girl, and we're definitely going to miss her," Michael Cottle said. 

Her uncle and aunt said they have no anger, sharing that their faith is helping their broken hearts.

"In the long run we know we're going to see Emilie again, and just draw closer and stronger as a family," said Michael.

"We know that Emilie will be with her family again. And she's up there embracing all those kids that were lost in the tragedy," said April. 

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