13-year-old Ogden singer on the cover of major folk album

During Sundance 2012, we introduced you to a very talented 11 year-old from Ogden named Sammy Brue. His unique voice caught my attention as I was walking along Main Street in Park City.

Well, two years later, his talent is still getting attention and it's from people who are way cooler than a Utah news anchor. We caught up with Sammy to see what he's doing now.

The past two years have brought a lot of change for singer-songwriter Sammy Brue.

"Um I’m starting to get acne,” Sammy joked “and my voice."

His voice may be different, but that's not the change I’m talking about. At only 13 years-old, Sammy is charging into the Folk/Americana music scene.

Just last month Sammy visited the studio of American Songwriter Magazine in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also on the cover of popular folk singer, Justin Townes Earle’s next album, titled “Single Mothers.” Justin was once Sammy’s biggest idol.

"It’s pretty exciting because he's not really my idol anymore, he's like one of my friends," Sammy said.

So how did a kid from Ogden end up immersed in the world of folk music? In a word, dedication.

"Sammy works hard at what he does and he puts himself out there," said Sammy’s dad, Mike Thornbrue.

Mike has supported his son's passion from the beginning. So to see Sammy go from playing on the streets at Sundance, to playing for crowds in Nashville, is hard for this father to put in words.

"It’s incredible, I mean it's pretty much every kid's dream when you look at it," he said.

Sammy has played with big names in folk music like Justin Townes Earle and Joe Fletcher, all while worrying about his next English test.

"What’s it like doing all of this music stuff and just living your regular life?" I asked.

"Well most of the people at school like my teachers don't call me Sam anymore, they call me Sammy. And like, girls call me Sammy," he said with a sly smile.

"Oh yeah? Do girls like the music?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, laughing.

It's a pretty nice perk from this young teen's budding career. As young as he may be, Sammy’s talent is very mature. It can be heard in his playing, his singing, but most of all, his writing. Sammy’s father couldn't be more proud.

"To see your kid find something they love and wrap it around them and find success with it there's nothing better as a parent," Mike said with a smile.

Sammy is currently working on a three song album called “The Bootleg Sessions.” We'll be sure to share that with you once he's finished.

If you want to see Sammy on the cover of Justin Townes Earle’s next album, “Single Mothers,” it's release date is September 9th.

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