Woman running across America makes her way through Utah

MAGNA, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A New Hampshire woman who is running across the country made her way through parts of Utah on Sunday.

The woman ran about 50 miles on Sunday, alone, and ended up in Magna, where she rested, spent the night, and got ready to start another long run the next day.  The whole journey is part of an effort to raise awareness for the Brain Injury Association of America.

Jessica Goldman started her trek in San Francisco

"I can't believe that the mayor is here.  I have an entourage of girls running me out in a motorcade.  This is fantastic," said Goldman.   

City officials and other supporters wished her well.  Then with a few first strides, Goldman hit the road.  Since April 16th the literal cross-country runner has raised awareness for the Brain Injury Association of America.  Her goal is to earn five dollars for every mile she runs.

"I'm feeling pretty good, considering that I just came through a really long stretch through the desert without water and services, so I'm happy to be coming into civilization again," Goldman said on Sunday afternoon.

She pushes a modified jogging stroller, designed, specifically, for this journey.

"I have to stock up and put so much weight in here, because I drink about two and a half gallons of water a day," Goldman explained. 

She is trying to beat the current world record which has not changed since 1978.  She asks witnesses to sign her running log every day. 

"I will be the second woman in history to run across America self-supported like this," said Goldman.

At first, she really hit the ground running with her goal, but within just a few days, Goldman says she realized the trek would be harder than she thought.

"Yesterday, it was in the high eighties, and I had to run 55 miles, so towards the end of the day, I just get so fatigued that I’m not thinking very clearly.  All I can think of is my mile marks, how I’m going to get to food, how I’m going to get to water," said Goldman.

Goldman plans to wake up early Monday morning and continue heading east. 

"If you see me on the road, the small things--giving me a thumbs up, pulling me over and giving me a cold lemonade or something--it makes such a huge difference to me," said Goldman.    

To track where Goldman is at any given time, click on the following link:


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