Woman found shot in the chest in Summit County


SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A Bizarre death Friday night near Oakley in Summit County has police baffled. Police said a woman was found shot in the chest, but they're not sure if it's a murder or a suicide.  

Police in Summit County are trying figure out why a woman was found dead in Weber Canyon.     

"She was found by a neighbor who heard blood curdling screams, and she came out and saw our victim on the front porch," said Capt. Justin Martinez, Summit Co. Sheriff's Office.   

Police said the woman who appears to be in her early 40's had a single gunshot wound to the chest. They said her boyfriend was renting the cabin where a neighbor discovered her body, but that boyfriend wasn't in the cabin at the time. 

"There was nobody with her when she was shot, we're not sure if we have a suicide, or a homicide but that is part of our ongoing investigation," said Martinez. 

Police said the boyfriend and another man were next door looking at another cabin the couple was considering buying. Reporter Brian Carlson spoke with one man who just one week earlier had looked at buying the same one. 

"Ya that's a little odd when you think about it, they're living right next door and like I said not more than a week, week and a half, I just walked around that spot," said Ron Prue, considered buying the same cabin.  

So far police are baffled. As of Friday evening, they don't have the evidence they need to explain how the woman died. 

"No one saw her, but then we hear screaming, then the boyfriend comes around from around the corner, we're just trying to piece all the pieces together, and hopefully through our investigation we can put the pieces together and have answers as to what really happened," said Martinez.

As of Friday evening, police are questioning the boyfriend and his friend. Police said the men are cooperating, and officers don't feel the need to make any arrests Friday night. 


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