Wisconsin native Luke Worthington happy to be back home

MILWAUKEE (ABC 4 Sports) - While BYU is thrilled to be back in the NCAA Tournament, no player is more excited to be in Milwaukee than freshman center Luke Worthington.

"I was freaking out, I was ecstatic," said Worthington when the announcement was made on Sunday. "It was really fun for me because I knew I'd get to come home and see all my friends. There were just a handful of cities that we could have gone to, and the fact that it was Milwaukee, it was crazy."

"When Wisconsin popped up on the screen, he went crazy," said guard Anson Winder.

Worthington, who grew up in Mequon, 25 miles north of Milwaukee, has been hounded by family and friends for tickets to BYU's game against Oregon Thursday afternoon.

"I'm stealing tickets from my teammates and making sure they've got seats," Worthington said. "It will be really fun for them to see me and because Wisconsin plays right before us."

And if Wisconsin and BYU should meet in the round of 32?

"Oh, they'll root for me," he said with a smile.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Worthington was primarily a football player and was even recruited to play football at Wisconsin and BYU. But ultimately he chose his favorite sport, basketball.

"When the basketball offers started to come in, I had to pick basketball," he said. "My high school [football] coach really wanted me to play football, though."

When you see Worthington on the court, though, you can tell he was trained on the gridiron. He plays with a football mentality, physical and tough.

"I try to be as physical as I can," Worthington said. "It disrupts a lot of people's games. It irritates people down low when things get physical. If the refs are going to let the game go like that, you have to play the game that way."

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