Will PCMR have a ski season this year?

By Ali Monsen

Published 08/22 2014 05:47PM

Updated 08/22 2014 05:49PM

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – With the settlement deadline approaching, realtors, business owners, and even public officials are expressing concern over the Park City Mountain Resort land dispute.

"It's been the topic of conversation with most of the locals and business owners all summer," explained John Denicola, Store Manager for Bahna of Sport, located in Park City, Utah.

All parties involved will have to reach a settlement by the end of Aug. 24th or a judge will step in. Now, it seems like everyone in Park City has the same question: Will PCMR have a ski season this year?

."…and nobody does know. Nobody really knows what's going on between those talks between the two groups," said Daniel Mondschein, a concerned Park City realtor.

PCMR owns the base facility, but 2,800 acres of ski terrain was on lease from Talisker Corporation. PCMR missed a lease renewal deadline back in 2011, and that is how the whole land dispute started. The possibility of losing PCMR’s ski season has nearby businesses operating at a standstill.

"It would be scary for the town, and we're kind of preparing for it. We have to think about the worst. We're being really careful about what product we bring in and how much of it we bring in," explained Denicola.

Public officials are weighing in on the conflict, too

'"We feel compelled as county and city officials to urge a quick and mutually amicable solution to a situation that could have potentially disastrous impacts on our resort communities… We don't want our economy held hostage by a dispute that can be pragmatically resolved between two agreeable parties," said Summit County’s Chris Robinson.

With Utah’s travel/tourism generating about $1 billion for the state each year, it has become very apparent that negotiators will have a lot to consider by Sunday night.

"I think the biggest hit to town would be that there would be a couple thousand locals—or people close to Park City—that would be out of jobs,” said Mondschein.

"Park City has its own little vibe—has its own little sense of community," said Drew Barry, a PCMR skier.

Until Monday, all anyone can do is wait.

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