West Valley police catch wanted felon

WEST VALLEY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A fugitive who's been on the run from police is now behind bars. Jason Stout had a run in with police last week in a high speed chase, but got away. However, last night police caught up to him.

"Originally he had a warrant out for his arrest for a felony to receive a stolen vehicle and several other smaller warrants," said Lt. Kent Stokes with the West Valley Police Department.

The 26-year-old was found up a tree after what was a long chase. Police originally found him hiding just outside a home in Woods Cross and called in the Metro Gang Unit.  “They went up to arrest a suspect who was in a vehicle in front of the house,” said Lt. Stokes.

Police say stout was in his girlfriends, Kristy Van Rij’s, car and rammed into a police vehicle. Van Rij was arrested last week in the chase where Stout got away, but this time police chased stout to I-15 south and Main Street in Bountiful where he then took off on foot.

“He was up in a tree and he was contacted and basically brought down out of the tree,” said Lt. Stokes. However, stout didn’t go down without a fight. “He was tazed. He was making movements towards his waste band and then reaching towards them asking them to shoot him. The officers showed great restraint," said Lt. Stokes.

Stout is now behind bars facing a laundry list of charges including aggravated assault on an officer, fleeing from police and receiving a stolen car.  To make matters worse police also made another discovery. “There's a gun in the car and several drug items found so he'll be facing all those charges as well,” said Lt. Stokes.

West Valley Police says Stout has spent time behind bars prior to this arrest. In fact, in addition to his warrant he also had previous gun charges and is not supposed to own firearms.


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