WEB EXTRA: Nathan Osmond debuting new song at Sundance

Nathan Osmond is debuting his new single, 'Welcome to the Party' at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Troy: Nathan Osmond, the man of Utah, how are you?

Nathan: Doing so great Troy, I thought you were the man of Utah.

Troy: I was going to say, do you like how I called you that?

Nathan: I love that. We are going to trademark that.

Troy: Okay, everyone’s invaded our state. What do you think of that?
Nathan: Everyone’s invaded our state, I think it’s incredible. Welcome to the party. This is where it’s at, in fact that’s the name of my new single, I am going to debut here at Sundance.

Troy: Are you Serious?

Nathan: Hashtag welcome to the party.

Troy: We like that and that’s what I want to tell everyone, you’re up here performing tomorrow at the Indie Lounge, tell us about it.
Nathan: I love the Indie Lounge, this is my third year here but Danny keeps inviting me back up here. it’s incredible. If you want to be seen, this is the place to come and hang out. It gives me the opportunity to debut my new music and it’s so fun to rub shoulders with all of our friends in the entertainment business.

Troy: Alright, I want to know about the new music. Is it a new sound?

Nathan: It is definitely an edgier sound. I’ve got this driving guitar. It’s definitely country but it’s that new country, it’s really fun. We went up to Nashville and recorded these songs but I got to write these ones, that’s the cool part, you’re hearing whats coming from inside this guy. So, 'Welcome to the Party,' we’ve got some other singles coming out later this year, a new album is going to benefit our troops - the wounded fin action family foundation and this whole album is coming out this year called homeward bound heroes. So I am very excited to start telling people about this new album.

For more information visit Nathan's website at nathanosmond.com

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