Warrants show what police are looking for in the case against Megan Huntsman

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – More warrants have been released Monday morning indicating what police are looking for in their case against Megan Huntsman.
On April 12, 2014, police say Huntsman admitted to “giving birth to and killing as many as six (6) other babies,” in the Pleasant Grove home. 
At first Huntsman told police, “there could be as many as 8-9 deceased children in the home.”
Police have only found 7 infant bodies at the home located at 536 East 200 North.
During one of the births Huntsman said she lost a lot of blood.  She said she gave birth on a bedroom mattress that police confiscated from the home. 
Huntsman stored a head and foot board of that bed at her mother's house after she moved from the home in 2011. Police have also taken the head and foot board as evidence. 
Authorities are looking to the DNA evidence on the mattress, head and foot board to gather a time frame of when the births happened and gender of the children.
In the preliminary investigation, Huntsman’s boyfriend James Brady told police that Huntsman kept an electronic diary.  According to the warrants, police have yet to find the device that houses this diary.
The Medical Examiner confirmed the chemical odor that ex-husband Darren West and his tenant smelled when they found the first body.  The warrant does not describe what the odor is.
Authorities say the electronic diary will indicate the means, motive and method used to kill the infants.
Huntsman has admitted to police she killed the children by strangulation or suffocation.

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