Utah's key influencers fly with the Blue Angels

The U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squad, the Blue Angels, have officially made their return to Utah.

The team is gearing up for the Thunder Over Utah Air Show taking place this weekend in St. George.

Taking off at ground level in the FA18 Hornet and going straight up to 15,000 feet, Lisa Eccles from the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation gets a ride of a life time with the United States Blue Angels after being selected as a key influencer for Utah.

“I absolutely didn't ever think the Blue Angels would call and give me this opportunity,” said Eccles.

But they did, Lisa was nominated and given this unique opportunity along with Monte Marshall a career services director with BYU.

With help from the pilot, Lt. Ryan Chamberlain, all of us went through a flight briefing together learning everything we can to withhold anywhere from 4 to 7Gs.

Lt. Chamberlain has over 1500 hours flying and Wednesday he says every riders flight will be different.

“Some people will want to pull 7 and a half Gs all day long some people wont want to pull anymore than 4 so that’s why we make sure the ride is tailored to the individual,” said Chamberlain

But for Lisa after 45 minutes of flying across beautiful southern Utah terrain, she had no problem pulling Gs and says her favorite part was going straight up.

“I didn't pass out...I did feel a little queasy when we were pulling what 6 Gs so yes I definitely got that sensation but we leveled out and resumed the maneuver it was great,” said Eccles.

Not knowing what to expect Lisa calls her flight amazing experience with the most talented pilots and she will be forever grateful.

“I can truly say it's great to be a Utahn, but it's great to be an American,” said Eccles.

Thunder Over Utah is taking place Thursday, Friday and Saturday

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