Utah woman creates website to help those dealing with trauma

A Utah woman is on mission to help others overcome extreme trauma and hardship. Kathy Carlson is a survivor of the Columbine High School shooting and she's the founder of a new website called Resilient Hope.

ResilientHope.org is an online library of resources for people who are affected by trauma.

The non-profit offers free survivor videos that promote resilience, hope and healing in the aftermath of trauma and hardship.

A fundraising campaign was launched to assist in expanding the production of topical testimonial videos and other resources.

"It would have been immensely helpful to have had this type of resource in the months and years after Columbine to have more guidance," says Carlston. "Now being able to use one of the worst events of my life to help others is extremely exciting."

Resilient Hope's videos feature trauma survivors who share what helped along their journey of healing. Future videos will also demonstrate different therapeutic techniques and practices.

For more information or to help with the expansion of website visit ResilientHope.org

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