Utah hunter describes near-fatal accident

- SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The hunter who accidentally shot himself on opening day of deer season says he plugged his wound with electrical tape and had to drive 10 miles to get into cell-phone range.

The 53-year-old Roy man, Jonathon Pettit, issued a statement from his bed Tuesday at Ogden's McKay-Dee Hospital.

Pettit shot himself Saturday while lifting his tailgate with one hand and an antique muzzleloader with the other.

He was in a remote area of northern Utah called Locomotive Springs.

Pettit says he managed to pick himself up after bleeding for half an hour and drove 10 miles when his phone rang.

It was his daughter. She wanted to know why he was late for her birthday party.

Authorities tracked him using his open cell phone signal.

Pettit says he's lucky to be alive.

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