Utah Crossfit pioneer retires from the games

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - 'What am I going to do with all this fitness?' It’s a question made popular by Crossfit athlete, Chris Spealler. Now he has to come up with an answer for it. After eight years of competing, Chris Spealler is retiring.

He's a Crossfit pioneer and he lives right here in Utah. At 5 foot 5, and 150 pounds, Chris is an unlikely legend.

His strength and tenacity has put him in the same category as the men who tower over him. This hasn't always been Chris’s life.

In fact in 2006 he had never heard of Crossfit.

"At the time I was working at Jans, I was a bike mechanic and a ski bum. I didn't know what to do. I had just gotten married and I was like, man I gotta make money for my wife and my family,” said Spealler.

The recently married Spealler was feeling the pressure to find direction when new style of fitness training fell into his lap.

"I would honestly say within 6 months of doing Crossfit I was pretty passionate about trying to do it for a living."

Back then the Crossfit community was very small. Finding a gym also known as a box was not easy. So Chris wanted to open his own, but he knew he needed his wife's support.

"I still remember she was like, I just want you to be happy. She was like I'm not worried about the money I just want you to do what you love doing. So that really gave me a lot of confidence and a lot of comfort to really step out and kinda do some things that honestly a lot of people were telling me not to do.”

From day one Sarah was supportive and excited.

"He's always been into fitness, working out, I mean he was already at the gym every day anyway. So when he found it I was like, oh... sweet... do it!" said Sarah.

And that excitement has continued every step of the way.

"Being an athlete to go to the games is a full-time job now... I do that and I run the box and I work for seminars for Crossfit headquarters so she's been like... total rock star mom,” said Spealler.

A rock star mom that is raising two amazing children: 4-year-old Roark and 2-year-old Myla.

When Chris was away, the babies meant more work for Sarah, but it never fazed her.

"I kind of made it my goal to just suck it up and just support him because you know, I want him to be his best, and that's just what I wanted to do for him," said Sarah.

It's a sacrifice that has not gone unnoticed.

"You know, Sarah has given up so, so much and has just been so selfless,” said Spealler.

But now this family is starting a new chapter. At 35 Chris is now retired.
Which begs the question, “What's next?”

"Yeah, I don't know... I have no idea," said Sarah.

One thing is for sure the family has a lot more time together.

"He's home more now during the day cause he's not working out all the time and I'm like, ‘honey, do you like this?’" said Sarah.

It's an adjustment for the usually busy couple, but it's a change for the better.

"Heck yeah, oh yeah! Definitely!"

It’s yet another career move this supportive wife can really get behind.

Chris says he's really looking forward to spending more time at his gym up in Park City and actually doing Crossfit training with his friends…for fun.

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