Utah business owners keeping an eye on health care developments

- OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Utah business owners are watching the developments as they try to figure out what the Affordable Care Act and the recent changes mean to them.

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When it comes to offering the same for his employees, owner, Chad Nay isn't so confident these days.

"We're up in the air. I have employees asking questions, where are we at with health care, where are we going to end up? I can't give them answers," said Nay.

He currently offers insurance, but the plan will not be compatible with the Affordable Care Act.

He was shocked when he looked into plans that are.

"Right now it's three times more than what I’m paying to cover me and my employees through my current health care. It just doesn't make sense to me."

Nay says messages from Washington aren't making sense either.

Promises he could keep his plan, then finding out he couldn't.

He says it's putting his planning in limbo.

"We don't have answers, our brokers don't have answers. It's frustrating, there is to much gray area," said Nay.

Jason Stevenson, with the Utah Health Policy Project says that's why the penalty for businesses with more than 50 employees was waived for next year.

"That extra year is giving the hr department and bosses time to figure out exactly how they are going to approach the Affordable Care Act," said Stevenson.

As he travels the state he is seeing a split with how businesses are approaching the mandates.

"There's a divide in the business community between those that are saying, insurance is going to be part of our benefits and others that are saying, we think our employees can actually find better deals if they go out and find insurance on their own," said Stevenson.

Nay says all options are on the table for him and he's dedicated to providing coverage, but he says he likes his current plan and wants to keep it.

"Why am I getting forced to leave coverage that we have right now that we enjoy? It works, it's good, everybody likes it, but it sounds like our hand is getting forced to go another way," said Nay.

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