University of Utah doctor uses music as powerful medicine

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah--(ABC 4 Utah) Every Christmas day, Dr. Ted Liou at the University of Utah hospital, puts down his medical instruments for his violin. Joined by his friends and patients to uplift what could be a depressing time battling Cystic Fibrosis.

Liou explained, "It's an extra way for me to say hey, I care. I don't have the disease and I ask you to do all sorts of things that are difficult and take time and that are inconvenient and maybe down right hard and painful to do so I just thought why not? It seems entirely appropriate to do something like that on Christmas day."

Liou has spent the last six Christmas' warming his patients hearts and souls with his musical talents. After Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, when family and friends have left for the day, these patients no longer sit in their rooms recovering alone.

 "Some of the best gifts we get in life are not tangible ones. Maybe heart to heart; Some form of love, being shown from one human to another, this is the category of things," he said.

With many of these patients not likely to see another Christmas, this musical production becomes one of lasting memories to warm the heart and the soul. 


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