Unique 'Utah names' video goes viral

Published 11/27 2012 09:40AM

Updated 11/27 2012 11:07AM

Story by Lauren Johnson

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - It's the first gift new parents give their baby-- their name. A viral YouTube video is showing that Utah knows how to make them original.

"Breyannin, Brevik, and Bryntle," are just a few of the names mentioned in the video.

The are unique names (perhaps spelled: Y-E-W-N-E-E-K).

Is it really just a Utah thing?

They are names like Kynzlee, Emersyn and Nachelle.

"I have two girls, and they both have unique names as well," says Melissa Cloward.

The video was uploaded earlier this month, and has over 109,000 views. The channel's other video: "Things Mormon Girls Say" was another viral Youtube hit.

Todd Michaelis says, "I don't think it's Mormon-Based. I think some people are trying to be more creative with names because they're trying to make their own identity."

At Intermountain Medical Center Monday, The Bahr family named their fifth child Andrew Albert.

"Well we like classic, good names, because they're going to stay with them a long time," explains Alli Bahr.

Whatever your taste, the video is entertaining thousands every day.

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