Two arrested in shooting of Orem driver

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) Two men have been arrested on suspicion of first degree murder after police investigating a car crash Tuesday morning uncovered a crime scene instead.

Investigators from the Orem Police Department allege that Mason French and Travis Waldron, both 24, are responsible for the shooting death of 42-year-old Rupert Miley. Early Tuesday morning, a car Miley was driving crashed in the area of 200 E. 800 N. in Orem. Miley was unconscious in the driver's seat when police arrived, but his passenger, Mason French, had only minor injuries.

As police began to question French, officers became suspicious of his story and found that things "weren't adding up," according to Lt. Craig Martinez. Officers took a closer look at Miley and found that he had a gunshot wound in his back. Miley was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, and police took French into custody.

Officers later found a chrome revolver in the car. Detectives also learned that a second passenger may have been involved in the killing. Police and agents from the U.S. Marshals Joint Criminal Apprehension Team found and arrested Waldron Tuesday afternoon.

Martinez did not detail who of the two allegedly pulled the trigger, but said that all three men knew each other and that alcohol was involved. Martinez said Miley was likely shot three or four blocks before he crashed the car. Martinez also did not detail the motive behind the killing.

The two are held Tuesday night on suspicion of first-degree murder and second-degree obstruction of justice. Waldron also is accused of possession of a firearm by a restricted person.

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