Two arrested after tense standoff in Davis County

WEST POINT, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH) - It was a scary sight for residents of a West Point neighborhood.

Officials from the Davis County Sheriff's admitted that they did not know what they were facing when they got to the home and had no choice but to bring everyone in.

The call came in just before 6 a.m. Saturday after neighbors reported hearing what sounded like gun fire.

"She had heard some yelling and screaming and that she observed a male walk out of the home waving a gun," said Dave Bremer of the Davis County Sheriffs's Office.

The man reportedly went back into the home near 3700 West and 1500 North.

"A couple minutes expired and she said she heard a couple pops," said Bremer.

5 people came out of the home that was surrounded by the SWAT team.

"We understood that shots were fired -- possibly in anger that there should be more than a couple people in the house, and so it appeared to be a barricade situation," Bremer added.

The SWAT team entered the home, but no one was there. Deputies did find a shot gun.

"We had a whole lot of we didn't know and containment and buying time so we can figure out and begin an investigation," says Bremer.

Deputies have responded to the home in the past for parties but nothing more.

2 people were arrested for drugs.

Only one neighbor has reported hearing gun shots so far.

The Davis County Sheriff's Office is still investigating

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