Trevor Reilly excited about NFL Draft

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - Trevor Reilly's dream is about to come true.

"It's crazy to think that my whole life, my dream was to play in the NFL," Reilly said. "And now I'm going to find out if and where it's going to happen."

Oh, it's going to happen. After an outstanding 4-year career at Utah, where Reilly recorded 20.5 sacks and 235 total tackles, Reilly is expected to be taken in the mid-rounds of the NFL Draft next week.

"It's exciting," he said. "It's like getting ready for your first day of school or going on that first date. You're excited and anxious to see what's going to happen. It's the unknown and the mystery that is exciting." 

With his size (6-5, 250 pounds) and speed (4.66 40-yard dash), scouts have been impressed with Reilly's physical skills and versatility. Reilly can create havoc for opposing offenses by playing both outside linebacker and defensive end.

"It's going to be more intense at the next level," he said. "Everyone is good in the NFL, but I think I have the versatility and ability to play both. I really don't care where I get picked. The biggest difference after the first round is the up front money."

The only real downside is Reilly's age. Because he went on an LDS mission and played four years of college, Reilly just turned 26. But he doesn't think that should be considered a detriment.

"I just turned 26, but I didn't play sports for three years, so I would say my body is closer to 23," Reilly said. "I mean, if you look at a guy like [former BYU tight end and current Baltimore Raven] Dennis Pitta, he went on a mission, came back and played for four years. He went to the NFL and just got a second deal for about 30 million. There's all kinds examples like that."

Reilly also comes from a long line of Utes in the NFL, especially on defense. In the last few years alone, guys like Eric Weddle, Paul Kruger, Sione Pouha, Star Lotulelei and Paul Soliai have gone on to have very successful NFL careers.

"That's kind of been our thing that we've put a lot of good defenders in the NFL," Reilly said. "NFL coaches like that. They like to see that guys are getting good coaching in college, and it all starts with Kyle Whittingham. I'm very thankful I played at Utah."

With age also comes maturity. Reilly has had to deal with several issues during his collegiate career. From tearing his ACL, to his father getting ill, to his daughter Shayn being diagnosed with cancer at just eight months old, Reilly has already dealt with so much.

"My daughter gets sick, going to school, playing football, the injury, my dad got sick and all that time living off 850 bucks a month," Reilly said. "It's a juggling act. I'm lucky I have a strong, beautiful wife that is able to handle all that for me."

Trevor and Jessica have been together since they were 15 years old, and that bond has proven to be the force that has held his family together. 

"For that last ten years, she's been there for me," Reilly said. "She wants to see me succeed, and if I can do that, that's going to make her happy and make me happy. Obviously, the money is a plus, but she's not even worried about that. She's just excited for me and for our family that we're going to be able to do this."

But the most exciting thing about Reilly's life isn't the NFL, but rather the fact that Shayn is now healthy.

"She's great," he said. "She's in remission. She gets a checkup in about a month and hopefully that continues. With kids, you never know, but right now she's doing good."

And so is her dad.

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