Toxic Tea victim home with family and speaking out about her miraculous recovery

SOUTH JORDAN (ABC 4 Utah) - The woman who spent days in the hospital after drinking tainted tea from a South Jordan Dickey's BBQ Pit Restaurant is now home and speaking for the first time.


67-year-old Jan Harding was released from the hospital Saturday, on her and her husband's 46th wedding anniversary. That night she says they ate bland food, watched a movie and danced with her husband. It’s hard to believe looking at her today that less than two weeks ago she was fighting for her life.


When Jan Harding spoke to the media Friday she said she knew as soon as the tea passed her lips she knew she had just drank acid.


"It was a fire unlike anything you could imagine,” said Harding. “I mean it was not like drinking hot coffee or having something with hot spices in it."


Jan says she didn't realize how bad her condition was until doctors told her she needed to be intubated.


"When they told me at Riverton hospital that they were going to insert an airway help because they were afraid if they waited they wouldn't be able to do it,” explained Harding.


That was the last thing Jan remembered for 6 days, except when she asked god if she was going to die.


“I asked God if I wasn't going to make it through this if he would send an angel down to help me with the journey because it was so hard. And I never saw an angel. I never saw a bright light and I knew, I knew I would be okay,” said Harding.


The Hardings say it was their faith that gave them hope.


"Our faith is what kept us unified and optimistic,” said Harding’s eldest daughter Holly Curby.


And their prayers from others that got them through it.


Jan Harding said, "I could not have made it without the prayers of America. I've had people contact me from all over the nation that they thought it could have been them."


It wasn't anyone else; the Hardings believe it happened to them for a reason.


Jim Harding said, "God has allowed something into our lives that is intended to make some very positive differences."


The Hardings say they hope this incident will prevent anyone else from ever being poisoned while eating out. They’re asking that changes be made to the restaurant industry when it comes to handling deadly chemicals; where they’re stored, how they’re label and maybe even how the chemicals themselves look.


"I'm sad it happened to me, but there isn't anybody else that was sitting in that restaurant that I wished 'oh I wish it would have happened to her instead.' It's not my nature to be mad at people. It's not my nature to be vengeful,” said Jan Harding.


It’s still unclear whether the Hardings plan on filing a lawsuit. They haven't said so, but they're not ruling it out either. Jan Harding saying Friday they're relying on wise council at this point.


The Salt Lake County District Attorney is looking into the matter to decide if any criminal charges will be filed.

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