Tourists, companies worried about Park City skiing this winter

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A court battle over land at Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker Land Holdings could prevent tourists from skiing in Park City.

Judge Ryan Harris ruled in favor of Talisker Land Holdings, to evict Park City Mountain Resort from the mountain. He told the two companies he would sign a de facto eviction order against the resort if something is not resolved by August 27.

"It is kind of a shame that it has gotten to be the point where our beautiful mountain has turned into this big political rivalry between a couple huge corporations," said Park City resident Edward Patterson.

That's why the judge ordered the two into mediation. It's an effort to get the two sides to come together before ski season starts.

Park City Mountain Resort lawyer Alan Sullivan issued the following statement:

"These rulings will help ensure minimal disruption to the Park City community while the parties try to resolve the case and surrounding issues so that the 2014-2015 season will proceed business as usual."

Sullivan told Good 4 Utah's Jason Nguyen on the phone that they would make sure skiing was available this ski season.

If evicted Park City Mountain Resort could take down the lifts on their property. The resort owns the infrastructure to maintain the lifts as well as parking, shopping and lodging.

Owners of the resort are not planning to sell the property.

The real fear of this court battle comes down to tourist, shopping and other ski resorts in Park City.

"I don't want to see it give us a black eye. I feel like people are going to hear Park City closed, well that's like Park City, Park City closing. The Canyons is not going to be better off, I don't think Deer Valley is going to be better off, because people are going to hear that," Patterson added.

Grace Batton is in town from Baltimore. She said she would come back to Utah for skiing, but maybe not Park City because of what's going on with the resort.

"If people are making plans to come to Park City and they’re not sure if it is going to be open I'm sure that right now people are canceling their plans right now because they are not sure. So it's a huge blight," said Batton.

Park City's tourism board the Park City Convention and Visitors Bureau said they will operate in a business as usual mode.

They will not plan on taking any actions until the August 27th deadline.

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