Syracuse man thinks fast to stop car thief who drove through park

SYRACUSE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Police are trying to figure out why a 14 year-old boy stole a car and led them on a high-speed chase through the city. 

It ended with a crash, and eyewitnesses say that is probably the only way the driver was going to stop.  

Bryson Rowley says he had to think fast.  He saw an opportunity to help, and he decided to take it.  

"I was going to block the road with my truck.  As I got to where I could block the road, he was coming around the corner.  We met," explained Rowley.  

The 14 year-old driver led police on a high-speed chase all over Syracuse.  

"He looked very experienced.  I mean, he evaded police two times that I saw," explained Brandy Rowley, who recorded the chase on her phone. 

At one point, the driver tore through Founder's Park, barely missing the children out playing. 

"Hey you guys, watch out!  They'll come!  Get out of the way!" yelled Rowley, as she filmed the white Hyundai barreling through the park.   

"There was a few kids that [the car] was...within inches, or at least feet, Rowley explained.  

Some eyewitnesses wonder if police made the right choice in chasing the driver as long as they did.  

"I think if they would've backed off, he would've settled down, and the whole chase wouldn't have been as dangerous," said Jaimee Rapier, another eyewitness.  

Police suspected the driver had weapons with him, and he did. 

"Who knows what he was planning on doing.  Hopefully I saved him, too," said Rowley.  

Police want to make one thing clear about Rowley's involvement in the chase: 

"We appreciate the public's interest and concern.  We truly do, but we are trained professionals.  We do that to put our own lives at risk, and we certainly don't expect the public to.  

In addition to his scratched-up bumper and damaged steering, it is possible that Rowley could receive a traffic citation.  

"You could have a charge of crossing left of center or improper left turn, or flipping a U-turn improperly," said Sgt.Ellis Bruch with the Davis County Sheriff's Office. 

Rowley says none of that matters.  

"I'll take the broken truck and a citation over a dead kid," he explained.  

Police say they arrested the 14 year-old driver at the scene.  He is now at a detention center and will probably go to court sometime within the next week.  

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