Swallow investigation turns up alleged wrongdoings of Sens. Mike Lee and Harry Reid

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – FBI officials working alongside Utah state prosecutors now believe they have uncovered wrongdoings by two of the U.S. Senate's most prominent figures, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Utah’s own Senator Mike Lee.


The investigation into former Utah Attorney General John Swallow appears to have ensnared other high ranking officials and now two district attorneys, the only ones left investigating, are once again asking the feds to take a look.


The House Special Investigative Committee's 3,000 page final report, released this week, revealed under John Swallow the Utah Attorney General's office was for sale. According to the report Swallow compromised the integrity of the AG's office to benefit himself and political supporters, and that he tried to cover up his alleged pay to play partnerships.


While the committee can't bring criminal charges against Swallow, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings and Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill can. They're the only ones left investigating, with the help of the FBI, because the U.S. Attorney's Office recused itself back in May and the Department of Justice announced it wouldn't prosecute Swallow back in September. Now that the investigation into Swallow has turned up some information on U.S Senator Mike Lee, in addition to the allegations against Senator Harry Reid, the district attorneys are hoping the feds reconsider.


Gill told ABC 4 Utah, "they certainly have, from our perspective close the case because certainly we are looking at information that wasn't available at that time. So, again, our focus continues to be the state investigation but as to any of these other issues that come up, the appropriate authority who have that authority really had to look at it."


The new information questions whether Mike Lee sold his house in a short sale to a campaign contributor at a big loss. It also alleges both he and Senator Harry Reid sought or received money and other benefits from donors in exchange for political favors.


"I certainly think there's information that the house panel investigation has uncovered, and there's certainly information that our agents are continuing to uncover within the context of our state focused investigation that may have assisted them, or certainly our belief, may have led to a different conclusion,” explained Gill.


Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings wouldn't comment on camera, but in an email said, "We do not have sufficient evidence to convict any United States senator of any state crime and our focus to date has not been on that prong of allegations and information received."


He continued, “But we are not going to ignore the scraps of evidence coming in about them. Do we plan on formally turning attention to all of the scraps picked up about them? We do plan on that."


We've reached out to both Senators Lee and Reid regarding these allegations. Senator Reid's spokesperson told ABC News the allegations are baseless and this is a “witch hunt.”

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