Sundance film 'Selfie' redefining beauty

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Many of us are guilty of taking cell phone selfies at least once, especially with the growth of social media. In fact, they are so common a film entitled "Selfie" has made its way to the Sundance Film Festival. The short film empowers females to embrace their beauty by showing off what they think are imperfections.

This day in age a good selfie could make profile status, but it has to be just right. "I would take probably like 20 different selfies to get that one perfect one,” said Tara Miner a cosmetology student at Sherman Kendall Academy of Beauty Arts and Sciences.

Miner and several of her cosmetology classmates at Sherman Kendall can all relate to the Sundance documentary “Selfie,” and how taking that perfect picture involves doing it a certain way in order to actually share it.

"From the angle up so my chin doesn't show,” said Rose Ngata, a cosmetology student at SKA.

Regardless of your insecurities, the short eight minute film by Dove empowers girls, women and anyone taking a picture of themselves to do it with pride and embrace what you think is an imperfection because that's what makes you unique and with social media we have the power to redefine beauty.

“I think that there is a lot of girls that have their insecurities and i think that it has to start with their surroundings,” said Ngata.

For these ladies who all work in the beauty industry, they all have their own definition of what beauty is, but each one says the next time they take a selfie they will likely do it a little differently.

“Everybody is unique in their own way you know, and its like what you say you know, embrace that uniqueness because who wants to be the Barbie doll,” said Miner.

The Sundance film “Selfie” can be seen at

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