Sundance Film Festival opening day

- PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - You can feel the energy up and down Main Street. That is, when you’re not feeling the cold.

“So far it’s cold, really cold. It’s my first time,” said Miriam Brandt of New Jersey.

Ah the first timers. You can easily distinguish the visitors from the locals. Those who don’t live here are bundled up. Those who do, wear sparkly skirts.

“I borrowed it from my coworkers at the Peruvian at Alta so I could wear it tonight,” said local Ashley Maxfield.

Ben Leoni is visiting from Maine and he says this temperature is child’s play.

“This is nothing, bring some 40 degree rain and it will feel like home,” he said.

Good thing he has a high cold tolerance, been was waiting outside of the first big party of the night, the powder awards at Park City live. We went inside and the place was packed!

“It’s our first time in Park City. We moved it from Las Vegas and Aspen to here and I think it’s going pretty well,” said Powder Magazine editor Mike Rogge.

Amidst a sea of locals, were professional skiers and snowboarders from all over the u.s. John Strenio is a pro from right here in park city and he says he started seeing the Sundance craziness first hand this afternoon.

“I just flew in from whistler, I competed there yesterday and got in the airport 3 hours ago and it was a mess! Like hundreds of people the busiest I’ve ever seen the airport. Everything’s poppin right now, it’s insane!” Strenio said.

Even if you’re not headed to a big shindig, some groups say the most fun actually happens at the local haunts.

“You know, really, the no name, hanging out at the no name honestly we have had some of the best times at the no name”

We may be letting the Park City secret out of the bag.

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