Storm puts UDOT'S variable speed limit signs to the test

PARLEY’S CANYON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - With snow falling plows plowing and bumper to bumper traffic Wednesday was the perfect storm to test out the Utah Department of Transportations new variable speed limit signs in Parley's Canyon.

"I think it’s a good idea to implement something like this to try to keep people safe,” said Ryan Taylor a regular Parley’s commuter for work. Taylor says on days when roads are slick it makes for a risky commute and reducing the speed from 65 miles only makes sense.

UDOT engineer Robert Miles says during storms they want all drivers to go the same speed for safety and to improve consistency of flow and so far it’s going smoothly. “The lowest we hit was 50 mph this morning in the canyon, but it’s worked well its responded the way its supposed to and its successful,” said Miles.

So, from the mouth of Parleys to Jeremy Ranch sensors monitor weather conditions, temperatures, roadway friction, traffic volume and speeds. “All that data goes back to our traffic operation center we have engineers there that analyze it and make calls to modify the speed limit,” said Miles.

However, not everyone is thrilled about the new lights and have concerns of their own. “I think its part of nanny government and taking away our individual driving skills away from us,” said Roger Durst, who drives up to Park City daily for work.

UDOT says there are 15 speed limit variable signs going up and down Parley’s Canyon and each area varies and they are legally enforced.  


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