State fire officials investigating arson in Provo

Published 04/11 2014 03:13PM

Updated 04/11 2014 03:31PM

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -The State Fire Marshal is investigating the point of origin in a fire police call arson.

Provo City Fire and Rescue got the call at 3:02 am. They rushed to the scene and found two fires: one engulfing two apartment buildings, and one engulfing another apartment building just to the east.

What used to be three vacant apartment buildings is now burnt brick and piles of ashes. Early this morning, raging flames completely engulfed the buildings. The Provo Fire Marshal says he doesn't know who set these apartments on fire, but that he does have an idea on why.

"They're tied up in some legal proceedings right now," said Lynn Schofield, Provo City’s Fire Marshal.

Schofield says the city has recently condemned the apartments. Just three weeks ago, the ones next door got burned down, too.
"I don't know that they're connected but i do know that somebody knows something. We would appreciate that call," said Schofield.
Damage costs are hard to estimate because of the legal issues these apartments are tied up in.

"The value is going to be the property itself. The buildings are schedule to be raised as soon as it works through court proceedings," said Schofield.

The Fire Marshal also says his team will be here investigating all day.

"Every time something like this happens, you put my firefighters at risk, you put the public at risk, we use up lots of resources. We'd certainly like to catch the individuals involved and when we do, we will prosecute them," said Schofield.

Provo Police ask that if you know anything about today’s fire or last month’s, contact them immediately.

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