Son charged with abusing his elderly parents

TOOELE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - An 82-year-old man is brought into a local hospital with signs of abuse all over his body. Police go to the home to find the man’s wife was also abused and feces and urine out in the open.

Bret Mattinson, 56, of Tooele was arrested for abusing his elderly parents.

The charge could land him in jail for 15 years.

"We never got along, ever," says mother Judy Mattinson. "I'm being honest we never gotten along, none of us."

The mother is calling this is a misunderstanding. She says it's a family matter and that law enforcement shouldn’t get involved.

"Bret has never hurt me. He will pop me around a lil but he won't hurt me," said Mattinson

Police say Bret Mattinson did more that just pop his parents. The abuse was discovered when his father was taken to the hospital.

"There was this black eye they didn't feel was a result of a fall and then some bruising around his neck that was more indicative of being grab forcefully," said Captain Paul Wimmer with the Tooele Police Department.

In a probable cause statement police added the 82-year-old father had "possible bleeding on the brain from past trauma to the head." "A fractured rib" he was "malnourished and dehydrated" and had an “infection" from his diaper not being changed.

"He indicated with a closed fist motion that his son would hit him. They verified that with the mother when they spoke with her," says Gary Searle the Chief Deputy Tooele County Attorneys Office.

"Them two always argue so much I just got to where I didn't pay any attention to them because they were always arguing," said Mattinson.

When police got to the home they found Judy on the couch with a bucket of feces and a bottle of Mountain Dew filled with urine next to her.

"That's what has been provided to her as a toilet and that she had been using the bathroom in that bucket," said Searle.

"The living conditions for this home were unacceptable for anybody and it needs to be fixed," the captain added.

Adult Protective Services has been brought in to make sure Mrs. Mattinson will be ok.

"The physical abuse whether they feel it is a family quarrel or not, by societies standards that is not an acceptable practice," said Capt. Wimmer.

Mr. Mattinson's condition is unknown at this time.

Brett Mattinson will appear in court on the 28th of April at 10:30.

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