Several raging wildfires continue burning through Utah

At least 9 wildfires burned throughout the state, Saturday; some more severe than others.

Springville homeowners snapped pictures as rolling flames moved towards their homes, Friday night.

"Well it was just a nice, warm night, so we decided we were going to sleep out on the trampoline,” said David Nance, who lives in Springville. “We looked up towards the mountain, and you could see the glow," he said.

Crews continued battling the blaze all through Saturday evening. The 'Spring Canyon' fire is currently 15 percent contained and 140 acres in size.

"This was started, as I understand it, by teenagers lighting sparklers, up in what we call, 'Spring Creek,'" said Rod Oldroyd, Springville City Manager of Administrative Services.

Several other raging wildfires continue burning through Utah. The 3,000-acre ‘Levan Fire’ is just 5 percent contained.

"This is going to be a long term event,” said Jason Curry with the Division of Wildlife Services. “We've actually ordered a type 2 incident management team, which is a long team of experts from around the area and will manage this fire, on a long-term basis," he said.

Crews have the 'Rockport Fire' under a bit more control. With 95 percent containment, authorities have lifted all home evacuations.

“They've been putting in dozer lines around the fire. We've had the helicopters and air tankers in—that helps slow down the progress of the fire. Then we have our ground crews on the ground, actually putting out the fire," said Tyler Rowser, with the North Summit Fire Dept.

Then there is Morgan County's 'Tunnel Hollow’ fire; crews have it pretty well-contained at 70 percent. Still, the lightning-sparked blaze continues burning through 1,400 acres.

"Right now, the rugged terrain is making it so difficult to fight. You can see the pictures you've shot. It's very rugged, very rocky and steep. So firefighters have a hard time assessing the areas," explained Rowser.

Fireworks remain legal until Sunday night at 11:00 P.M. Authorities urge everyone to take extra precautions and play it safe.

For a list of all city firework restrictions, click on the following link:

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