Search warrants released in the case against Megan Huntsman

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) – Search warrants have been released to ABC 4 Utah involving Megan Huntsman.

The warrants describe how each child was found in the garage of a Pleasant Grove home in April.

Darren West, Megan Huntsman's estranged ex-husband, was cleaning out the garage with another tenant when they came upon a box with a large amount of plastic wrap and bagging components.

The box was found under another box labeled “Baby Stuff – Megan’s.”

The first child was found in small white box that had been sealed off with electrical tape.

The warrant says, “He explained when he picked up the box, it was heavy and he felt that the child could have been a full term child."

West described a chemical smell to the box. According to the warrant, “Darren also said the baby appeared to have a yellowish color.”

The tenant, who ABC 4 Utah will not name, was the first to open the box. He “stated it had a chemical smell like iodine.”

Megan Hunstman was contacted by the Pleasant Grove Police Department. Hunstman told police that “the baby was stillborn at the time of birth and she was scared to call police or go to the hospital.”

Hunstman did not tell police why she was scared to go to the hospital at the time of the warrant.

Huntsman will be back in court on May 19th, 2014.

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