Scam artist acts like Weber County Sheriffs office asking for money up to $900

WEBER COUNTY, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - The Weber County Sheriff's Office says a scammer is giving them a bad reputation.

Deputies say he's using the department's name to con people out of their money.

The scammer leaves a message that looks like this:

"This is Lt. John Roberts at the Weber County Sheriff Office Warrants Division, I'm trying to make contact with a William Love. Will you please try to contact me back sometime this evening? It is a very important matter I need to speak to you about.”

William Love of Sunset got one of those calls.

“He spoke as if he was an actual officer. He didn't sound like he was reading off of a chart. He was familiar with the procedures,” said Love.

The con artist uses a mobile phone number. He will ask you to leave a voice mail when you call and he will call you back.

When he does, he becomes demanding.

Love believes the con got his information from a jury duty summons. Love served his time after the case he was picked for was dismissed. 

“He advised me of a court date that I had for jury duty that ended up being cancelled that I had not shown up for and an active warrant was out for my arrest,” says Love.

The fake deputy wanted him to make two payments equaling $881.81 on a Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card. The scammer even frightened him with an arrest.

“Should I meet up with a law enforcement officer between now and when this individual was going to help me. I was subject to detention and arrest and I would sit in jail 3-5 days waiting on a judge to hear my case,” said Love. 

“You get a call from the police saying you’re in some type of trouble and you are paying some kind of fine and that’s a little unnerving for people,” said Weber County Sheriff Office Sergeant Lane Findlay.

WCSO deputies had two more cases involving the fake on Friday.

“They were suspicious of it, it didn't sound right so they contacted our office directly and were questioning the calls they received and it most certainly a scam,” said Sgt. Findlay.

It is a scam that is putting a bad image on the department.

“[There is] no Lt. John Roberts and we don't even have an official warrants division here at the Sheriff’s Office. We have officers that serve warrants but not a warrants division so yeah it's a complete fraud,” said the sergeant.

Here are 3 things to remember if you get one of these calls:

The Sheriff's Department says they don't ask for money that is something for the courts to handle.

Second, you should verify the phone number that called you online.

Third, call the area police department and find out if the calls are true. If not they will investigate the fraud case.

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