Salt Lake resident seeks shelter during Midwest storms

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Rescuers are searching for survivors after a deadly tornado outbreak ravaged part of the Midwest Sunday. The storm system has already spawned dozens of twisters across seven states...killing at least six people and injuring dozens more. ABC 4 Utah spoke to one Salt Lake City resident who is living in Chicago where some of the devastation took place and tells us of her experience.

“When we looked outside it was noon and the sky was absolutely black,” said Natalie Blackman a Grad School Student at Illinois State University in Bloomington.

Theatre major Natalie Blackman of Salt Lake City was in an audition at Illinois State University in Bloomington when one of many major storms swept across the Midwest. She tells ABC 4 Utah, right before evacuating down into the basement she got a quick look outside.

“These hail storms started falling every few seconds and they were literally the size of a tennis ball and solid ice,” said Blackman.  She goes on to say there is significant damage on campus and around town.

However according to reports the areas most severely impacted include Washington, Peoria and Perkins, which is why the American Red Cross in Utah is preparing to help.

"As the damage is ascertained they will determine what the needs are and if we need to send more people or if we need to send our vehicles there will probably be a need for financial support and I would say at this point support for disaster relief is greatly appreciated,” said Heidi Ruster, from the American Red Cross’ Utah Region.

The American Red Cross says providing shelter, food and safety is their priority. As for Blackman she says she is grateful she is ok, but is concerned for others nearby.

“I feel really lucky that nothing worse happened here but I hope that enough aid gets to places like Washington where the help is really needed, said Blackman.

The American Red Cross says anyone who has loved ones out in the Midwest they haven’t heard from can go to the Safe and Well registry which lists where individuals have been evacuated and also allows individuals to list loved ones missing. That link is



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