Salt Lake City native wins The Bachelorette

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Salt Lake City native  Jef Holm became the first Utahn to win ABC's The Bachelorette when he proposed to this season's participant, Emily Maynard on Sunday night's season finale.
Maynard, the most recent participant in ABC's reality show gave up that title when she accepted the marriage proposal from Holm, but before this couple was ever an item, they had a friend in common - and she lives right here in Utah.

It was an exciting season of The Bachelorette, especially for Utah's Michelle Money.

"I know them both and they're coming together and who in the world would have ever thought? So it's been so exciting," said Money.

Michelle was a contestant on the show's 15th season with her now good friend, Emily Maynard. Also, by chance, she has known Jef Holm since before their Bachelor days.

"He's friends with my little brother and they kinda run around in the same circles," said Money.

Michelle told Emily not to tell her a thing about her journey, but she said  she had been hoping her friend would choose the Salt Lake City native.

"Everything I know about him is just solid and that's what you want for one of your best friends is for them to be with a stand up guy, and that is for sure Jef," said Money.

She said what you see with Holm is what you get.

"I think Jef has done a really great job of portraying himself in a really great light he's gotten a really great edit, bless his heart he's so lucky," said Money.

Michelle knew all too well about the bad edit.

"My experience on the bachelor was really hard because my edit was not consistent with who I really am, and so I got really thick skin, really fast," said Money.
Michelle said she spent months defending herself. So for the past year or so she has been doing her own thing, focusing on her daughter and herself.

"As I look back I think I wouldn't take it back because what I've learned and how I've grown since the bachelor and my struggles through the show and everything, it has made me a stronger person and I'm so much happier because of it," said Money.

She said she is restarting a career at home. Michelle opened a hair and make-up salon at Image Studios in Sandy.

"It's my own studio where I can be creative and utilize my talents and abilities," said Money.

She is still focusing on what is important, not what others think and feel about her but how she feels about herself.

"I'm just so grateful for that challenge in my life because it really did make me who I am," said, Money.

Michelle said those hardships helped her focus more on her inner beauty. Now she wants to help other women find that as well.

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