Romeny looks to add some details

- WASHINGTON (AP) - Mitt Romney is re-shaping his message. Aides say he's moving from an all-economic pitch to an all-out challenge to what he argues is a failed status quo.
Former party chairman Ed Gillespie will have an elevated role in shaping the campaign message for Romney.
Romney is also looking to explain to voters more clearly what he would do as president.
In a new TV ad, he says he plans to "help the middle class" -- cutting the deficit, balancing the budget, reducing spending and helping small business. And he says he will add 12 million new jobs.
Polls are finding that Obama is not only leading in the key swing states -- but also that he has taken over Romney's long-standing advantage on the question of who is most likely to restore the economy and create jobs.
The Republican candidate is starting his week with a speech today to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.
Campaign advisers, meanwhile, are downplaying reports of infighting among senior Romney staffers

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