Reservoir plays a critical role in fighting the Rockport Fire

Published 08/15 2013 12:53PM

Updated 08/15 2013 01:05PM

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -  Firefighters say Rockport Reservoir has been a critical tool in getting a handle on the flames in Summit County.

With obvious signs the Rockport Reservoir is very low and firefighters are taking water to fight the blaze many are wondering if it will affect us this winter. Tom Ward a resident in Rockport Ranch is one of them. “It’s great to know we got water right here, its not great to know we don't have a great snow pact from last or the year before,” says Ward.

After being evacuated from his home Ward says his house survived the flames thanks to the fire crews grabbing water from the reservoir just below his neighborhood. “They were working really hard and I know there is a lot of homes they saved because of their efforts,” says Ward.

Firefighters say the reservoir definitely has a big impact in fighting the fire and getting it contained. "For the helicopters having the water source so readily available has been critical because of the turn around time,” says Jennifer Hansen the Rockport fire spokesperson. As far as stopping anytime soon because of the reservoirs low levels she says “I haven't heard that were going to be cut out at any point I think everyone wants to help out and provide us with as much water as needed."

Ward says despite the reservoirs lower levels he can only imagine how much worse the fire would have been and says he's grateful it's there. “It would have been a longer haul to try and get water over to the houses and to save those structures would have taken more time and possibly they wouldn't have been able to save as many as they saved already,” says Ward.


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