Representative Stewart submits bill that would demilitarize federal regulatory agencies

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (ABC 4 Utah) – A Utah congressman believes federal regulatory agencies are abusing police power they shouldn't even have and he wants it stopped.

Representative Chris Stewart, of Utah's 2nd Congressional District submitted the Regulatory Agency Demilitarization or RAD Act last week.

It took about two months to research and write the bill.

It would dissolve the law enforcement division, including SWAT teams of agencies like the Department of Education, FDA and BLM, just to name a few.

Stewart believes it’s one reason Americans are losing trust in the federal government.

"Raiding small farms over a few gallons of unpasteurized milk or going in and arresting a 70 year old grandmother with a SWAT team who had grown some illegal orchids," said Stewart.

He thinks regulatory agencies are abusing police power and intimidating people.

When he confronts them for answers they go silent.

"In almost every instance their reply was, under advice from council from the Department of Justice we're not going to answer that question. I think that's insane, I’m a member of congress, I have a legitimate need to know and a right to know the answers to those questions," said Stewart.

His solution is the RAD Act.

It would cut funding to any paramilitary unit for any regulatory agency.

It would require those agencies to call on local law enforcement, the FBI or federal marshals for assistance.

When the idea first surfaced we spoke with Salt Lake County Sheriff, Jim Winder who has some concerns.

He says the infamous cattle battle between the BLM and Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy shows an obvious need.

"Critical, dynamic, was dangerous and if there ever was a case where a federal agency should have deployed a tactical team it was in that incident," said Winder.

Stewart disagrees and he likes his chances with the RAD Act on Capitol Hill.

"Even many democrats or many progressives are looking at this and saying I’m very uncomfortable with these federal agencies having this type of power," said Stewart.

The bill has been referred to committee and Stewart is hoping to have a hearing scheduled soon.

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