Representative Chris Stewart is leading the charge to disarm some federal agencies

- SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – A Utah Congressman wants to do away with the law enforcement division of regulatory agencies.

Representative Chris Stewart, of the 2nd Congressional District believes it's an abuse of power, all because the government doesn't trust the people.

In return he says most people don’t trust the federal government.

"It didn't happen in the last week or the last month, it's happened over time, but it's certainly been accelerated recently," said Stewart, (R) Ut.

He has a plan to regain the trust and it starts with a proposal to defund any paramilitary unit for any regulatory agency.

"The EPA or the IRS or the BLM or the Food and Drug Administration or the Department of Education, all of them have these special teams and I just don't think it's necessary," said Stewart.

His solution is for these agencies to first contact local law enforcement for assistance, the FBI or Federal Marshals if they aren't available.

Salt Lake County Sheriff, Jim Winder isn't sold on the idea.

He agrees not every agency needs a swat team and that tactical resources could be consolidated and centralized in a logical way.

However, as he looks over images from the now infamous BLM standoff with Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy and the civilian militia that came to his aid he says the need is obvious.

"Critical, dynamic and dangerous and if there ever was a case where a federal agency should have deployed a tactical team it was in that incident," said Winder.

The Sheriff is also concerned about what he sees as a growing us versus them mentality.

He says the men and women who put on the badge are Americans too.

He calls this type of communication inflammatory and is calling for a balanced conversation on the role of law enforcement in our community.

"To say that the government, which Representative Stewart is a part of doesn't trust or is against the people is a dangerous statement," said Winder.

Stewart insists his proposal can help defuse the danger.

"we want them to be safe, recognizing that we don't want to put them in situations that endanger them, but let's also recognize that if you give the federal government more and more power they will use that power and sometimes, eventually they will abuse that power," said Stewart.

Stewart is currently working with leadership and committee on his proposal.

He hopes to begin writing legislation in the next week or so.

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