Remaining evacuations for Rockport Fire to be lifted Monday

- SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The last of the Rockport Fire evacuees will return home Monday.

"Yay! 8 a.m. tomorrow. We're so excited for all of them," said Kim Alderman, owner of Rafter-B Gas N Grub.

Rafter-B has been a meeting place and safe haven for those displaced by the fire.

Alderman said, "From Tuesday on this was kind of like the hub. They couldn't go home so the closest place to come and kind of hang out and sit somewhere and talk and express themselves was Rafter-B."

Not only have Alderman and the others from Rafter-B been consoling those who were kept out of their homes, they're helping those families who have been hit the hardest.

"We had a fundraiser yesterday and we probably had 50 bags of donated things dropped off and 40-50% of it was brand new," said Alderman. "People went to the store and bought clothing, bedding anything they could think of to help these families in need."

Of the eight homes that were lost in the fire three belonged to year-around residents and some had young children who are getting ready to go back to school next week. Alderman tells ABC 4 Utah some locals even took those kids school shopping.

"The community has been fantastic! Amazing how something like this can bring people together."

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