Provo City buys rights to Rock Canyon

PROVOUtah (ABC 4 Utah) - The long heated court battle of Rock Canyon that has lasted decades between the City of Provo and the Davis Family has finally come to an end.


The agreement was announced Tuesday that the City of Provo will take over the land rights of RockCanyon.

The canyon and the 80 acres that stretched the mountain ridge were subjected to mining.


"We never wanted to mine it. There was another guy who mined it, he was not supposed to. We don't want to mine it, we never did. That was just to put some pressure in the fight," said Sparky Davis.

Davis is the son of Richard Davis who battled the city on what the canyon was worth.


"The land is worth a considerable amount of money and the cities resources are limited. We were able to work with the Davis family and come up with a good answer," said Provo City Mayor John Curtis.


The answer was a cash value up to $1.6 million dollars and a land trade.


"Now it is going to be put in such a way that it can never be built, it will never be able to be developed. It will be here," says Davis. "You got rock climbing, everything you want to do here. Biking, snow shoeing, Utah Lake, the valley this is an incredible place."


The City of Provo has 12 months to come up with the money or land for the cannon. 

One option the city is look at is in South Fork.

"It is also a beautiful canyon. It's near a development and appropriate for cabins and housing," said the mayor.


The Davis family is happy this battle is finally resolved.

"We get peace. Richard Davis his legacy can move forward," said Davis. "He fought for the canyon and he was planning on doing this before he passed."


"The questions come in, do we approve the trailhead, do we put any amenities up there and the answer probably is, it's going to stay as close to its natural state," says Mayor Curtis.


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