Powerball jackpot reaches $425 Million and Utahan's flock to hit it big

By Brent Hunsaker

Published 11/26 2012 04:18PM

Updated 11/26 2012 06:18PM

MALAD, Idaho (ABC 4 News) - What would you do with 425-million dollars?

That's the record Powerball jackpot out there right now and it’s causing people right here in Utah to flock to supermarkets, shops, gas stations across the border.

Frenzy for financial freedom is taking over people in Utah.

One by one at the Utah – Idaho border cars with Utah plates cross, not for the famous potatoes but to head to the Quick Stop.

The sound of Powerball tickets echo though the new building that just opened 2 weeks ago.

“This will be a good test for us. Our old store, as good as it was to us all those years, was a lot smaller,” said Quick Stop Manager Geoff Green.

This new store is 6 times larger than the old one and with all the Utah cars in the parking lot it's obvious they need the space.

“Can I help you guys,” said a store clerk as people waited in line.

People like Utahns Jan and Skeets Welder. On Monday their wait for Powerball tickets wasn't too bad.

“I think by Wednesday its going to be a zoo in here if there's this many people in here now,” said Skeets Welder.

“If it's this bad today it's going to be really terrible,” said Jan Welder.

When jackpots get this big, a welcome frenzy comes over the small town of Malad Idaho. It’s a welcome sight to quick stop manager Geoff Green.

“It definitely helps out our store a lot,” said Green.

People who live in Malad like Elaine Bohn will put up with the extra visitors because it helps their town.

“It adds money to our schools, to our building fund. So, I’ve seen additions made to our high school so I think it's great,” said Bohn.

Because who doesn't want to win a huge jackpot and become the newest multi millionaire.

If the winner chooses the cash option instead of yearly payments they will get an estimated $278 million in one lump sum.

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