Police shoot armed man inside Cache Valley Hospital

NORTH LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - After 8 Friday morning, police say Jason Burr walked into Cache Valley Hospital armed and ready for a confrontation.

“He entered into the hospital and he made demands and produced twos and guns,” said Chief Kim Hawkes with North Park Police Department.

While hospital security tried to get Burr under control help came from two parole agents in the building on a totally different assignment.

“One of the agents was confronted by the suspect and the suspect produced the guns and pointed them in his direction and four shots were fired,” said Hawkes.

Burr was alive, but hurt and flown to Salt Lake City for treatment.
While the lobby of the ER was empty during the exchange, other people in the hospital knew something was happening.

The question now is why? Jason Burr has had prescription fraud convictions court records show, but his probation ended last year.

Police are now working to determine why Burr came to the hospital armed and ready for something.

The parole agents involved in this shooting are now on paid administrative leave, as protocol in these types of situations as the investigation continues.

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